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Full Circle

by:  Harris, Barbara and Lionel C. Bascom

Publisher: Pocket Books

Copyright: 1990

Cover: Bill Charles

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 6/5/1994       

Summary: Recommended.             .


Reprinted from Crushies Book Review, June 1994 Volume I, Issue No. 1:

There are some lessons in life which must be learned through experience. Once experienced however, an act of faith is required to sustain and make the lesson have meaning.

Barbara Harris underwent a near death experience (NDE) in 1972. Full Circle chronicles her inner and outer struggles to make what she learned have meaning. What she learned was that life is about love–love for the infinite powers of love within oneself as well as within others. Love thyself and thy neighbors. A rather prosaic lesson to learn but if learned can transform a life. Trouble is of course that few people, even those having first hand experience at the lesson, are fully capable of infusing meaning into it and even less capable of sustaining it.

Full Circle would have been a better book had Ms Harris devoted more effort at explaining how her journey to near death helped put the events of her life into perspective. For instance, she divorced her husband. Simple enough reason–they had grown apart, partly because he could not understand her proclivity to give. She moved beyond materialism. Are we ro infer that he was left behind? That her spirit of love could not reach out and touch him? A minor point admittedly, for buried within Full Circle is the message that each individual is responsible for their own life, their own peaks and valleys. But s011, we would like to believe that if we are transformed, it rubs off on those nearest to us.
Definitely recommended reading, but don’t expect any deep insights into NDE.


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