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Mathematics, The Big Questions – Book Comment

by: Crilly, Tony (Editor)

Publisher: Metro Books,122 Fifth Ave   New York,NY

Cover: Patrick Nugent

Copyright: 2011

comment  by: Lynard Barnes,11/18/2011

Summary:  Tony Crilly is Emeritus Reader in Mathematical Sciences at Middlesex University. The book is a history of mathematical concepts.     

This mathematics primer goes from defining mathematics to answering the question of whether there are any mathematical problems left to solve. There are problems left to solve of course as formulated in David Hilbert’s “23 Problem” which he set forth in 1900.

There are enough intriguing chapter titles to rise the curiosity of even the most mathematically challenged: “Are Statistics Lies?”, “Are Imaginary Numbers Truly Imaginary?”, “Can A Butterfly’s Wings Really Cause A Hurricane?”. Beyond the intrigue, the book does a fairly adequate job of familiarizing readers with the concept and language of mathematics.

A word about the design, layout of the book. For those who love “books” as books, this one is classic. Every book should be designed this way. It even has a built-in page marker–expandable rubber band glued into the cover.

Not a must read, but well worth it if done.

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