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Many Lives, Many Masters – Book Comment

ManyLivesManyMastersby: Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster

Copyright: 1998, ISBN: [0671657860]

Cover: Julie Metz, Steve Krongard

Type: Softcover

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, June 5, 1994


Summary: Highly recommended for a sampling of reincarnation beliefs around the world.

Reprinted from Crushies Book Review, June 1994 Volume I, Issue No. 1:


Past life regression and UFO abductions–what do they have in common?

One of the best books on past life regression is Brian L Weiss’s MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS. It is the exemplar of the genre. The book recounts the therapeutic sessions of Catherine who, according to Weiss, has memory of over 80 past lives–from ancient Egypt, to life as a slave in America to a rather mundane existence early in the 20th century.

Once the therapy starts, once the past lives are explored for their emotional content, Catherine becomes a changed person. She is freed of traditional fears, phobias and anxiety. In the highest tradition of inspirational literature, Masters leaves the reader feeling good about the human condition. However, the reader must accept the validity of reincarnation as the foundation for Catherine’s changed life. More than reincarnation, the reader must accept the process by which memo-ties of past lives are brought to the surface. It is here that Masters and other books on the subject of past life memories run into trouble.

Reincarnation, the belief that we have lived before in another time and place, is not in dispute. Reincarnation is a matter of faith shared by millions the world over. The use of hypnosis to remember incidents in past lives is in dispute. The use of hypnosis to recover anything in memory is in dispute. Like the current crop of literature on UFO abductions, the question is whether the reported memories are in fact memories or virtual fantasies. Could it be that the mind is structurally pre-programmed to have certain kinds of memories, to construct a certain kind of reality, like the inherent structures for language development?

No one knows. If anyone does know, they’re not telling.

The fact is, we know more about outer-space than we do inner-space. But past life regression therapy seems to work in reshaping lives. Until we know more, this is one instance in which the end justifies the means.

The benefits of reading MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS greatly outweigh the simmering controversies associated with the material. Weiss presents excellent background material on reincarnation beliefs.


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