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Secret Vows: Our Lives With Extraterestrials – Review

by: Twiggs, Denise Rieb & Bert

Publisher: Berkley Books

Copyright: 1992

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes 5/5/1995

Summary: Not on the must-read list.

Republished from Crushies Book Reviews – Volume II Issue No. 5 – May 1995 – Copyright 1995.
“”Stunned’, I stared at her, “Tingling? The top of your head is tingling?'”
‘Yes,’ tracing an invisible path around her head with her hands. . . .’But that is what my head is doing! Is that psychic power?’ I asked excitedly”.

There are some secrets which should never be shared. There are some vows which should never be taken. SECRET VOWS: OUR LIVES WITH EXTRATERESTRIALS comes very close to what a doctoral thesis on a tooth extraction would be if written by an impartial observer.

Basically, SECRET VOWS is about the marriage of Denise and Bert Twiggs and their extraterrestrial spouses, Beck and Magna Solunjeno. Yes, the extraterrestrials spouses are from another planet-but then again, aren’t most spouses. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist).
In the introduction, Denise says she has learned a lot since the couple’s interactions with the extraterrestrials began.

Nowhere in SECRET VOWS is there any evidence that anyone-human nor extraterrestrial-has learned anything. The reader is subjected to a repetitive cycle of Denise and Bert going to bed, Denise and Bert, or Denise or Bert are awaken by extraterrestrials, spirited away to a spacecraft where they are examined or something is explained to them or their reproductive organs fiddled with. They are invariably returned from the space craft to a different position in their beds. Occasionally the reader is teased with something like the tingling head conversation. More often the author takes us through body searches for scratches and bruises, indicating that, hey!, this really happened.
It would be grossly unfair for a reader to conclude that SECRET VOWS is pure fantasy. Throughout the incredible tedium of nocturnal visitations with aliens, the interracial breeding to produce hybrid offspring (improving the alien’s “genetic line” as Denise calls it), and the meeting of alien cultures-if you can step back far enough from the mediocrity, the blandness, you get a sense that, in the words of Dr. John E. Mack, something is going-on.
This reviewer suspects that for Denise and Bert Twiggs, the para-reality drama of being in two worlds is real. None of this makes the drama less “real” however. It does make it of limited usefulness. It’s like standing by a dentist’s chair and watching a tooth being extracted.

The first abduction experience the Twiggs describe in 1976 is a typical, classical abduction experience. They are parked on a deserted road at night, necking, when they are suddenly overcome by fear and the feeling that they are being watched. Recovering memories of what transpired on that night apparently unleashes other vague memories, feelings. The construction begins.

The mind and the brain (some believe they are the same-behaviorist Skinner, et. al.) have probably not changed much in the 200,000 years since we “appeared” on the planet. What has changed and continues to change is our perspective. It is perspective that accounts for our religions and our sciences.

It is extremely difficult for us today to relate to the extraordinary changes that have occurred in our collective perspectives on how our world functions. Consider for a moment how people once viewed contagious diseases. Today, we can make the analogy of “evil spirits” being germs and bacteria to account for the once widely held rationalization as to why people suddenly became sick. But to the average European of the 14th, 15th century, there was no such thing as a germ. Hence, no analogy. Their world perspective did not allow for anything so small that it could not be seen by the naked eye.

So, we read a work like SECRET VOWS and ask ourselves, what’s going on here? That we can not accept the facts as reported does not necessarily mean the facts are wrong, only that our perspective is out of kilter with what we are being told.



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