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The Cabin in the Woods – Book Comment

by Tim Lebbon, Joss Whedon & Drew Goddard

Published by: Titan Books

Copyright: 2011 by Lions Gate Films Inc.

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 05/07/2012


THE CABIN IN THE WOODS makes a fairly good book for what is essentially a juvenile sex, gore and death story. The movie was released on 13 April 2012. Unlike formula horror stories aimed at teens, THE CABIN adds a bit of depth. Depth in both the sense of meaning and technique. The obligatory “five friends” who go off to a cabin by the lake for a weekend of beer and sex are stereotypes. Even the unfolding “horror” story is a cliché storyline. Appalachian zombies acting out some weird religious-magic hocus-pocus in place of the banjo strumming “cousins” right out of the 1972 movie Deliverance. The Deliverance movie is mentioned by one of the characters in THE CABIN to cement the connection. The depth in technique of THE CABIN is that there is a horror movie within a horror movie. This, in fact, is the only feature of the book that makes it worth reading. There is then this intriguing, though not original, concept of one reality unfolding to substantiate another. The genre includes such works as Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS (reviewed here in September 2011). Since it is so rarely executed effectively in literature, when you run across it, it stands out. THE CABIN stands out fior this reason. Unfortunately, it is the only reason.


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