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Wars of Gods and Men, The – Book Review

WarsofGodsandMenTheby: Sitchin, Zecharia

Publisher: Avon Books

Copyright: 1985                                     

Type: Paperback

reviewed by: Lynard Barnes, 7/5/1994           

Summary: Excellent series: The Earth Chronicles                          


Reprinted from Crushies Book Review, July 1994 Volume I, Issue No. 2:
Sitchin starts THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN with quotes from one of the ancient scrolls collectively referred to as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The scroll quoted is titled The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness. Sitchin then quotes from the Prophet Ezekiel concerning the prophesied Last Battle on Earth involving Gog and Magog. Gradually, he introduces us to the ancient kings and gods of Asia and Africa.

What is fascinating about Sitchin’s work (including WHEN TIME BEGAN, THE LOST REALMS, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN–all part of the Earth Chronicles) is the masterful way in which he blends main-stream history into his own brand of speculative history. Of course it could be argued that there is nothing masterful about the construction, just the facts fitting into place. Masterful or not, there is definitely something here worth digesting. But before you can do that, you must determine where main-stream history ends and speculation begins.

Succinctly, the premise of Sitchins Earth Chronicles is that a race from another planet colonized earth some 450 thousand years ago. Interactions between these “gods” and their hybrid offspring, Mankind, has resulted in unrecorded history from about 100 thousands years ago to 3760 years ago when Mankind was granted kingship–the right to rule himself.

The idea that ancient Earth was visited by an extraterrestrial civilization is not new. There has been so much speculation on this that one is tempted to surrender to the deluge and admit that there is something to it. It’s a temptation but I don’t think surrender is quit in order. The speculation is being fueled by the seemingly incredible similarities, oddities and belief systems of ancient cultures. Traditional, main stream history just doesn’t explain the how and why of the human race. Religions hide more than they reveal. Into the void steps the Sitchin, the Collyns’, the Bramleys–authors who see the touch of another world upon ours. It could be–and I just throw this out as a non-original thought–that modern Man emerged about 200 thousand years in north east Africa and hasn’t changed anything except his clothing, his fantasies and his perspective.

However, if Sitchin is correct in his belief that the Anmnraki from the planet Nibiru are responsible for the course of human history, there is a very good chance that they will return in July of 1995 and they won’t be happy. Standby.


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